Coming Close to the End of the Internship | Blog Post #1

It’s been a hectic month and I have finally gotten around to writing my first blog post for my summer internship! My experiences with the internship have been eye-opening and it feels like a great change of pace from taking classes. Taking a break from the science classes and helping the local teens of my hometown discover their colleges of choice has been an extremely refreshing time for me. It feels great to bring the youth of the community together and to get them to participate in workshops where they learn the benefits of volunteering and to understand what it means to give back to the community.
After being in college for two years and now helping high school seniors, I noticed that I did not invest as much time as I feel I should have into my college choices. Fortunately, I am happy with the decision I made to go to the University of Michigan, although I think that it is important for prospective students to make a well-informed decision on their choices. It seems a bit odd to me how some universities do not say much of their financial aid and how much help can help a student. A main factor in most of the students’ I have worked with has been paying tuition, and many of those students were not aware of the amount of aid that can be offered to them by Umich as well as other universities. I have been discussing a method with my supervisor on how to raise awareness on the true cost of college for prospective students, as many do not have to pay the sticker price that is seen online when families do their research.

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