Getting the hang of things #2

I feel as though I am now friends with the other workers at Cribspot. We are not just co-workers, but we have established more of a friendship like bond. I believe that I know the people who I work with on a personal level since hanging out with them outside of the office. I think that working for Cribspot has made me more outgoing when meeting new people because there are times when I have to talk to complete strangers and give them tours of houses/units that we have available. Another thing that I am gaining from my internship is learning how to use Microsoft excel better as well as data clips. Next week one of my managers told me he was also going to show me how to do a little bit of coding (which I have no experience with). I am pretty excited to learn that new information because I have never used it before but also can use the information whenever I want (especially in todays society with how fast and advanced technology is becoming). I think that my favorite project so far has been creating virtual tours that you can view on our website. It uses a UV radar camera to project distances in a room. You just have to move it around the house and rooms every few feet. Probably the best thing about working for Cribspot is that I don’t dread every time I have to go to work in the morning!

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