My introduction to the Canadian International School-Post 2

The past two months have been nothing less than exceptional. Working for the Canadian International School in Bangalore is an experience that I am continually thankful for. From the start, the staff and students graciously welcomed us into their family and made me feel a part of it. I still feel extremely lucky to have landed such an amazing internship!

I came specifically to intern for the Grade 8 On Site Contextual Learning Program (A highlight I’ll save for the next post). However, before this I had around three weeks to move freely through the school sometimes leading classes, shadowing classes or assisting in extracurricular activities. When I wasn’t doing that I spent time connecting with staff and students.

As I intermingled with staff the once open excel spread sheet that created my schedule for the next three weeks quickly filled. I soon had packed days and weekends that engaged me in diverse ways. I participated regularly in elementary Hindi, teaching Hindi script to 3rd and 4th grade classes. I also aided in extracurricular activities such as Middle School Field day, a boarding camp out on the football pitch, judging a top chef competition, and chaperoning on school outings around Bangalore. As Contextual Learning (CL) approached I started to focus more on assisting with preparation work. Although my CL experience was specifically for a three-week trip across north India, I still assisted in developing the CL program in Bangalore. Most of it consisted of mapping out and organizing activities. Most of my role was adaptive as I worked on everything from developing scavenger hunt questions to physically touring sites in Bangalore where students would go for their CL program.

As my own CL program approached, I prepped journal questions and activities for students to do while in their “down time”(quotes because there was none). Before leaving the last week was exceptionally busy as my team worked out the final logistics of the trip and prepped the students for the three weeks to come. And this is where the real story begins!


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