Pre-Internship Thoughts

Beginning my Internship | Blog Post #1

I was initially drawn to this internship opportunity for multiple reasons. First, because I am interested in urban planning; working with landscape design provides insight into a unique kind of planning. Hopefully looking back, I will be able to draw from what I learned to integrate green design and practices in my future career. Second is the location. Northern Michigan is a beautiful place with so much opportunity and landscape to work with.

Within my internship, some challenges might include my inexperience with design work and plant knowledge. I have very little previous experience in using design software to create landscape plans. I also do not have a lot of previous knowledge of certain plants and their physiology. Given this, I think my internship will provide me the opportunity hone planning skills in the office and in the field. I also think that because Vidosh is a small business, I will receive a lot of guidance and mentorship.


Currently, I will be a senior at the University of Michigan. I am interning at a landscape design company in Northern Michigan and learning about sustainable practices of the landscape business.

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