“Tell me more, tell me more!”

I remember talking to one of my mentors at the end of Winter ‘17 semester about what opportunities were available for me to consider for Summer ‘17, and luckily, we were able to find an internship that I believe has already began to make an impact on me. I am interning with the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID), conducting qualitative research on a new project called MVisible Voices where the main focus is on narratives of individuals’ voices who often go unheard/unnoticed. Throughout the summer, the NCID team has been and will continue conducting podcast recordings on eleven varied themes (i.e. constructing community, undocumented, etc.). My role in this new project is to attend the podcast interviews and use my compiled notes and the main ideas discussed in the interviews to help during my research process.

I am extremely grateful to be a summer intern for the NCID, for every important figure I’ve met in the NCID has been so welcoming and willing to help me in any way possible. I am fascinated with this research opportunity in particular because I am able to get more exposure and knowledge on ideas and themes I’ve always wanted to learn more about. Throughout the day, I spend half of my time at the Bentley Historical Library looking at varied archives for each theme I am researching so far, and there is never a dull moment during my time at the Bentley, for everything I’ve found fascinates me and provides me with new questions to tackle on with my research.

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