The Capitol | Blog Post #3

Considering I work in downtown Washington D.C. and live a few blocks away from the White House, I think it would be worthwhile to note some things I have learned about the city:

  1. Being more accustomed to cities in the Midwest, I have been blown away about how immaculate everything looks downtown. Practically every street and building is clean and well maintained, which surprised me given its a major metropolitan area.
  2. I truly understand why people refer to the Capitol as a swamp after walking back from work in soul-crushing humidity and 95+ degree weather.
  3. I’ve been amazed about how empty the downtown area can look on the weekends when all the professionals return to the suburbs. During the workweek, the population of D.C. rises from 600,000 to 1 million people.
  4. The metro system really needs some work.
  5. It is not unusual to be stood in line at your nearby 7/11, or fast-food joint with Secret Service officers. I guess they eat food too.
  6. Almost all the museums are free to the public, which is remarkable resource and privilege to visitors and residents alike.
  7. The best personal pizza in town is at &pizza. This is not a formal endorsement.

Given that my interests are journalism, policy, and law, I can see myself living in Washington D.C. in the future given the wealth of opportunities that are here. I guess I would just have to get acclimated to the ridiculous humidity.

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