What’s surprised me the most? Blog Post #1

This summer I’m continuing my work as a Research Assistant in the Martin Lab in Pediatric Genetics through Michigan Medicine. I have been in Dr. Donna Martin’s lab ever since October 2015, but this summer is arguably the most important stretch of my time there. The lab is gearing up to submit a few big papers for publication, one of which is the one I have been working on with MSTP student Ethan Sperry ever since I began in the lab.

The thing that has continuously surprised me the most about the work in the lab is how much attention to detail each step of the process requires. For example, most of the experiments start with setting up timed pregnancies for mice in various genetic crosses to obtain tissue for experiments and analysis. Setting up these crosses takes a lot of planning and strict organization.

Our lab manager Jennifer’s card for mouse timed pregnancies.

Every step in the research process; from formulating the question, literature analysis, setting up experiments, carrying out those experiments, analyzing the results, and finally putting it all together in a paper, requires a great deal of planning and exceptional organizational skills. I am very thankful to be learning about this process through the great mentors in the lab.

Ronus H.

Incoming senior in LSA studying BCN!

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