A sense of achievement

In week 3-4, I found a sense of achievement being built little by little. After going through the offering circulars and BOTE methods learnings, we shifted to the next step, cash flow model, data table, and Monte Carlo simulation. The cash flow model was based on a lot of assumptions with many formulas to input in excel. There were tons of variables to make and most of them were inter-correlated. Learning the functions was quick, while the hardest part would be debugging—one error in a previous variable would result in a mess in latter variables. It actually took longer to debug than to create the whole cash flow model. But the bright side is, lesson learned! Better to debug on the way than to do so at the end. After the cash flow model, I learned to create data table, which is immensely useful in having an overview of all possibilities. I really enjoy putting all these excel skills together and see how it can arrive at a more complete sense and serve its purpose. At the end of this stage, there was the Monte Carlo simulation that we had to create in excel using VBA (Visual Basic Application). Although it was a new programming language, I was able to quickly learn and adjust my knowledge in C++ and R (thanks to the classes taken) to write the codes. I truly appreciate this opportunity to actually learn and apply these precious skills, and I hope to continue learning and sharping related skills to become more capable of analysis-related tasks.

Originally, I think that being an international student is a disadvantage in job search in the United States. After joining the company, I was delighted to see that most full-time employees and other interns are Chinese because the company’s primary market target is China. One of the founder of the company has been a professor in Hong Kong, and she could speak fluent Chinese and Cantonese. This experience has helped me gain more confidence in job seeker and to view my strengths critically.


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