Adapting to a new environment | #2


My project is a twenty-minute walk from the hostel I am staying at. I enjoy this walk because I get to witness the sights and sounds of Cusco. In the nursing home, there is a section for the able-bodied individuals and there is also a section for individuals who need assistance performing everyday tasks these are the people I will be working with. I am working with people who are in wheel chairs, blind, deaf, and mentally challenged. I enjoy taking them for walks and trying to have conversations with them about their past. One of my main duties is to move the adults from the patio to the kitchen for lunch. I also help set the tables with cups, spoons, and bibs. They usually start out by eating some sort of fruit which I help peel and pass out. When the main dish comes, I help feed the adults and put away the plates when they finished eating. When they thank me for helping them it warms my heart and makes me feel as though I am making a difference in the lives of these individuals. This week students from surrounding schools ranging from kindergarten to high school came to the nursing home to perform traditional dances and offer snacks and presents to the elderly. Witnessing these dances made me have an appreciation for a culture that I was not very familiar with before I got here. Overall I am still adjusting to the altitude and cultural differences, but I am enjoying every minute of this experience.

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