Blog #1

As I start my internship, I have many goals in mind that are motivating me to learn and perform at my best during the internship experience.  One of the biggest goals in mind incorporates building strong sales skills.  The opportunity to build strong sales skills will teach me how to deal with many people, how to approach deals, how to advertise a product, and to confidently close a sale.  The more I learn about sales, the more I notice how sales skills truly come from one’s mentality.  I hope to accomplish a strong sense of how to sale to a potential customer.  I want to accomplish the steps that begins the sale and ends the sale. Hopefully this accomplishment will help me grow through my internship and grow as a person.  I hope to gain the emotional intelligence that it takes to succeed in sales.  I notice how important it is to be able to read what other people are thinking in this business.  Having the ability to read what people are thinking, and also inspire them with words can truly make one successful.  Also, how to learn how to deal with rejection.  Dealing with rejection doesn’t sound like something someone wants to learn, but it honestly is very important in sales.  The opportunity to accomplish/gain this experience in my internship honestly will be the perfect first goal.  I am looking forward to making this possible.  

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