Getting Started – #1

Finding out that I had received LSA’s Internship Scholarship around a month into my internship was phenomenal, but it also gave me a wealth of experiences to write about for my blog posts. So without further ado, my first post.


Conversations with friends and a desire to work abroad led me to an internship with Sustainable Urbanism International (SUI) in Bangalore, India. I was attracted to this internship because of its mission of environmentally and culturally sustainable development, the opportunity to work in a nonprofit, and after having a conversation with my current boss about his desire to have every person in the organization doing meaningful work. It signaled to me that SUI cares about the development of those working there, not just the projects at hand.


My first week went smoothly, except for getting lost on the first day and a slight adjustment to a new diet. My time was spent getting acclimated to a new country, living independently, and prepping for projects in tourism and economic development, two things I had no real experience in. It was just a small sliver of a summer’s worth of new experiences and growth.

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  • July 16, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    Your internship sounds really interesting! And the fact that you’re in a new country makes it even cooler. Good luck with your journey and make the most of it!


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