Blog 3: Value of Diversity

The personal diversity of me which I realized through my internship is that I like getting admired. I never thought of myself as pretentious or bragging, but I realized that it feels really good to be accepted to the team, and be helpful to the whole operation! I was getting depressed when all the other dev team besides the founder was focusing on the web-dev and server where I was focusing mostly on the Unity server. Even though they were willing to help me build the server, I don’t feel belong to their team. Maybe it is a natural thing, but I wanna be admitted to them as well. So the diversity, I still feel the difficulty of talking and conversation when I have to use English. Being a non-American, I still feel the difficulty of keeping a conversation. It’s not necessarily like a barrier, but I am not sure this diversity is actually helping me on becoming better fit to the American society. However, work-wise I think my diversity, as being an Asian helps the company. Because I and my brother have a connection in Japanese venture capital which might be interested in investing our company. And since I am capable of speaking Japanese fluently it will help the conversation between venture capital and the company immensely

One thought on “Blog 3: Value of Diversity

  • July 20, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Have you connected with the web-dev team about how you can get more involved with their work?

    If it isn’t possible to share work, this separation of responsibilities may be a good opportunity to get to know one another over coffee or lunch outside of the office.


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