Familia l #8

Famiglia, famille, familie… this week, my post is going to be about a word that, at least across Romance/Latin-based languages, doesn’t often need translation: family. I was fortunate enough to have mine visit me this past week, and it was honestly the perfect transition coming off of my visit to Iguazú. As I hope was obvious from my last post I had a the time of my life those few days, however for introverts such as myself that means the next thing I needed was a peaceful, decompressing week with people with whom I’m extremely comfortable, and that’s exactly what I got. This is not to say that I don’t love the people around me with whom I’ve spent the past two months, because I do, there’s just difference between hostel living and being with one’s family. I didn’t actually ask for any days off of work because I didn’t want miss too many consecutive days, but I think this actually worked out for the better for both of us, because I got to fully appreciate my time with them at night while they got the chance to d a lot of exploring and cultural immersion themselves during the day without me hanging over their shoulder. On Sunday I showed them the hostel and took them to La Estancia (one of my first and best restaurant experiences here) and then helped them with their first grocery shopping trip, but that was the extent of the activities since we were both weary from travel (18 hour bus ride from Iguazú for me and about a day’s worth of travel on planes for them). Monday they verified (with quite a bit of jealousy on my part) my rave review of 180 Burger Bar (see post 6) and then trekked to and from MALBA while I worked. That totaled two and a half or three miles of walking on their part, so we changed the plan for dinner in Palermo to Tuesday and had sandwiches in our respective abodes instead. While I worked again Tuesday they got a free walking tour of the city, and then we met at a place called Sintaxis for dinner, a restaurant whose menu consisted only of gluten-free options, perfect for my mom and sister. Wednesday night we all scratched something off of our Argentina must-do list by going to see a tango show, something I had somehow yet to do in my two months. All of the dancers were of course fabulous, and there were actually a few songs and purely instrumental numbers as well. On Thursday they (quite bravely) ventured to and spent all day in Delta Tigre, the very cute neighborhood I wrote about a few blogs ago, and managed all on their own with my dad’s limited Spanish to get lunch, a boat tour and a bus tour of the district.  Finally, we fully took advantage of me having Fridays off and spent the day in Colonia, Uruguay, appreciating just how many cultural shifts can occur after a mere one-hour boat ride. Their flight was 8 pm on Saturday, so we slept in and got one final lunch at another place I’d never been to, Tancat, which surprisingly served mostly Spanish food. It was of course still delicious, and it being the end of their trip they confirmed that they shared my sentiment that they simply did not have a bad meal during their time here. We all would’ve preferred to stay together; similar to my first few weeks here, they felt as though they were just beginning to get used to the city, I loved being able to share with them in a more personal way everything I’ve been experiencing the past two months, and we all obviously enjoy each other’s company. All four of us have lives to which we must get back, however, and in any case I have a feeling that with a mere month remaining of my trip it will feel like I’m home in no time. =) As always thanks for reading, and here are this week’s pictures (much fewer than normal because the website decided not to load many of them this time!).

Uruguay version of 9 de julio
Church in colonia
Why doesn’t every neighborhood have something like this
Tango show exclusive; we were all so bewildered

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  • July 19, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Matt, thanks for all the writing that you are doing to keep us up-to-date. So great that your parents were able to visit you. The trees in Uruguay look very different? And….I really like the dancers at the supper club. Now don’t get any ideas about staying there. We need you back in the USA. Love Always, Nana


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