Final weeks (post 4)

With only a couple weeks left in my research program, I’ve been reflecting on some of the cool things I’ve gotten to learn this summer. I have gotten some experience with some really cool and interesting machines in the lab.


The Li-Cor machine measures CO2 levels in plant samples, which indicates microbial activity. This microbalance is an extremely sensitive scale for measuring tiny amounts of sample. We add in the sample using tweezers and tiny aluminum foil weigh boats. Before we measure the sample on the microbalance we have to let it sit overnight in the decanter to get rid of moisture.

There are a lot of interesting skills I’ve picked up in the lab and it has definitely increased my confidence in a scientific environment.


This week my cohort visited the Botanical Gardens. Even though I work on the campus farm which is housed at the Bot Gardens, I’ve never actually visited the outside gardens. It was a true pleasure to see all the gorgeous flowers and different types of gardens.

I am really going to miss my cohort during the school year, so we are trying to hang out as much as possible in these last few weeks.

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