First Week-Manchester, UK

This past week I began my internship at the National Football Museum located in Manchester, UK. I am considered a volunteer at the museum, and this past week I spent most of my time going to different departments of the museum to see what they do. Thus far I have shadowed a tour guide, the collection, financial, and project manager departments within the museum. Eventually I will be writing a diversity and inclusion policy for the museum, which I will present to the museum’s board at the end of my internship. Thus far I have encountered nothing but friendly people within the museum, but also the city of Manchester. Everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming, which is something I greatly appreciate. Being a football fan myself, it was not difficult to start conversations with many of my co-workers, as most of them share the same passion for the sport as I do. My expectations for this internship is to learn exactly how a non-profit museum, such as the one I am working at, operates. I think it is fantastic that this museums allows people from all walks of life to enjoy the collection and interactive experiences within the museum free of charge. I am also excited to learn about the culture within the United Kingdom, as I am looking to travel and enjoy my time here as much as possible. I can’t wait what my first full week of work has in store for me!

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