Learning about Medicaid | #2

I have spent a little over a month in my internship at the Institute for Medicaid Innovation. So far it has been an incredible entry to the field of public health. The two other interns and I have been working on three different projects all centered around Medicaid policy. I’m sure you can imagine what it is like to be researching Medicaid policy at a time like this. We have had the opportunity to go to the Hill and attend meetings with congresswomen and several different staffers as they were given a short meeting with different representatives from insurance companies and health care organizations. It was interesting to be in the room and see what types of questions the congresswomen and staffers asked. This experience, along with other events we have attended, taught me the importance of advisors and knowledgeable staffers working on the hill. They are the vines of information all across Congress and their advice to congressmen and women is highly valuable.

Through this position, I have been able to attend several briefings all across DC. We are able to learn directly from the experts at these events and it’s an experience I would have never achieved without this opportunity. Along with these opportunities, my supervisor is also very adamant about helping us connect with professionals in the fields we hope to pursue. She has helped us write informational interview questions along with our personal introduction/elevator pitch. She has worked very hard to help us foster relations ships with outside companies. This is another opportunity that I am very lucky to have, which is why I am so grateful for this internship.

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