Learning More | #2

After two weeks of orientation, office tours, getting lost in the building, and decorating my cubicle, I started to get the hang of my internship. For the past couple of weeks, I scheduled different project management reassignment meetings. Since a project manager in my department was going on maternity leave, her projects needed to be reassigned to other project managers. I created agendas and took meeting minutes for each meeting. In order to prep for these meetings, I had to create project checklists to ensure that each project had its necessary and proper records on file. While there was a learning curve in the beginning, I’ve become accustomed to developing a work routine and becoming a more efficient intern. Throughout my past few weeks, I’ve also had the opportunity to shadow various other departments for the day, learning more about what others do for the company and gaining insight into potential other career fields I might be interested in.

One thought on “Learning More | #2

  • July 16, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Connie, it’s honestly surprising how much you can do and learn in such a short time! I totally relate! I’m happy that you’re getting the hang of your internship though and wish you luck in your future endeavors!


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