Seeing the future | #1

This is the midway point of my third month as a Software Development Intern at Servant Systems. Servant Systems is a software development firm that works in franchising with various brands, including Mr. Appliance, Molly Maid, and Domino’s. During my time at Servant, my role has evolved as I have proven myself to be a reliable and skilled developer. The company uses a unique methodology of work flow, which requires a great deal of independent work, along with frequent, critical, and meaningful one-on-one communication. In short, this position requires you to figure out what you’re doing, get others involved, and has consistent awareness of your work and how it plays into others’.



So far, there are advantages and disadvantages to this kind of role. For one, it is very difficult to get ahead. Constant meetings and updates require complete consensus to move forward. Simultaneously, it makes it very difficult to fall behind. There is a clear schedule of when and how things should be done. Furthermore, when my work is finished, it is difficult to get more to work on. While there are many items to which we have a schedule for addressing, that schedule is often unchanging without, again, complete consensus.

As for how my experience, it has had ups and downs. Initially, the interns were trusted with low priority and low risk work, that being the role of test engineers. However, with the nuances of software development becoming more apparent in our testing, we were trusted to develop software, or test it in more significant ways. For instance, we were able to construct, as a team of interns, a program that would automate a daily, 8-hour, active use of our software, that would run in a few seconds, and display the performance of our product. This was not only a very educational, exciting, and meaningful experience, it helped me see the future. In traditional education, computer science is often taught in a very specific way, one that aims to develop best practice and fundamental ability. However, this was the first time I could see those skills and abilities I had learned implemented in a real way to polish a real product. This was an incredible leap to see what a career in software development could be.

Since then, my role and responsibilities at the company have grown, to the point where I am the main catalyst for projects. This responsibility has given me insight into how a team works with me and how I work in a team. I hope to learn more depth of how our product operates, and furthermore, how it can be applied to my future career.


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