Signal Iduna und Halle an der Saale | #1

My internship started on the 6th of June, but I joined the blog a bit late. Therefore, I will write about my internship in the first blog. I am doing my internship at Signal Iduna in Halle, Germany. I have never worked for such large international corporation, so I was so nervous before the internship started. I have spent couple of days doing a little research of the company and the city of Halle to be prepared.

Signal Iduna is a German insurance company founded in 1907. It has around 11,300 employees and 5.58 billion euros in assets. The headquarter of the company is in Dortmund and the official name of the Westfalenstadion is Signal Iduna Park because its sponsorship. And Halle locates along the river Saale in east Germany. It is a relatively small and old town. The majority of its inhabitants is retirees and students, which is quite like Ann Arbor, because there are two universities in this city. Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg is one of the oldest universities in Germany founded in 1502 and Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is also one of the best institutions in arts in Germany.

A week before the internships started, I have reached to my future supervisor per email to get a brief explanation of my job and the office in Halle. I was told that my main job is to develop a marketing strategy with the manager together for potential English and Chinese speaking clients in the Central German Metropolitan Region since the economy in this region is growing. During the email communication with the manager, I have learned that there are different types of insurance agencies in Germany, some are doing business independently with various insurance companies and some are directly under the insurance company, our office is the latter and the major one in the region.

This is exactly what I am looking for because it will not only help me to improve my German, but also offer me a great opportunity to get in touch with various kinds of people in Germany to get a better understanding of the German society. On the other hand, I could get to know what is it like in the German insurance industry. I was so looking forward to it.


To be continued…

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