The Valiant Way | #1

Last summer I helped start a clothing line with a few of my teammates and their father. Our line, Valiant, is a performance athletic apparel line that combines the highest quality materials with the most forward fashions and trends and the licensing opportunities that come with having access to the University of Michigan logos. We give Michigan fans an alternative, more fashion-forward, and homegrown option to the mainstream gear that is offered by Nike. The Valiant way is a way of doing things with passion and pride. My main goal for this summer’s internship is to get more involved with the “behind-the-scenes” role in the company. After starting up last summer, my teammates and I had to take a less involved role in the operations side of the company because of the football season being in full swing. Now that the season is over and we have some time to work before it gets going again, I would really like to become more involved with the overall operations and learn more about the day-to-day workings of the company. I hope to be able to have a consistent line of communication with our supply chain and our daily operation team instead of just focusing on marketing, which is what I’ve been doing mostly during the height of football and school.
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