Two Detroits Blog Post #3

The concept of there being two Detroits was very new to me until I started to live in midtown. I knew there was a difference down here, but to actually live here just made it even sadder to see what is actually happening to the city of Detroit. I started to read an article online. When I first saw this article’s title “36 Hours in Detroit,” I instantly thought that I knew I wasn’t going to like the article. I had a feeling that the article would only highlight Midtown, Downtown, New Center Area as being “in Detroit.” All of the positive articles I have read on Detroit have been centered on the gentrification happening in the Downtown area. All of the negative articles about Detroit have been about the neighborhoods outside of the Downtown area. However, this is not the truth. We see more negative things about the neighborhoods of Detroit rather than the positive things like. The sad truth is the media has made people view Detroit as this horrible crime ridden city. While in actuality there are students graduating, doing community service, trying to build up their community. These positive things are often showed at the end of the news and only for 1 minute, if they are shown at all.

While I read this article my hypothesis was becoming true and was true, except the article did talk about Mexican town and Bakers jazz club on 8 mile. However, even the way the article mentioned Mexican town was not okay. They said it is required “to venture off for good seafood,” implying that Downtown is the main Detroit but there are a few good places outside the more appealing Detroit. Even when the article mentioned lodging, all of the recommended places were in the Downtown/Midtown area. I could understand this article better and appreciate its highlights only if every other positive article wasn’t just about the same Downtown area. I never knew that Detroit even had 1500 gardens because that’s something that would not get good media coverage and you would have to do research to figure that out. I would like to see more positive things about other parts of Detroit and not just one.

I love my city a lot, so I would definitely come back but we got some work to do and I am willing to contribute to that work. This experience is helping me do so. I can see so much potential for Detroit if only we would replicate  what is happening in smaller communities in Detroit. From creating little learning libraries to creating programs and a safe community network for the neighborhoods is a big step in the right direction.  Here is a picture of what Brilliant Detroit is offering in the Central area of Detroit. They are 3-5 year olds in a kids summer camp learning about air, the sun, water, and dirt in the environment outside.


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