The Big Data Undergraduate Cohort | #3

Prompt: Share a picture that defines your internship and provide a short description of the image

My faculty supervisors stressed the fact that the undergraduate cohort of the Big Data Summer Institute defined the summer program. Initially, I thought they were saying this to make us feel better and what not. However, after about three to four weeks in the program I slowly came to believe that they really meant it.

I share this picture because it encompasses all 45 of the BDSI interns or researchers and some of the amazing UM Biostats faculty members we got to work with. We had professors who received their PhD’s from Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Purdue University and the University of Michigan. We had undergraduate students coming from Harvard College, Yale University, Johns Hopkins and University of Virginia etc.

It was a cluster of different intellects and minds working together on several different research questions. Sometimes, I learned a lot just by listening to my peers speak and sometimes I found my shocked by the brilliant questions some of them were asking.

There has not been a day where I walked into the school of public health and I didn’t leave without learning something new from someone in my cohort.

Tahmeed T

BS Candidate, Statistics '18, University of Michigan

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