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This summer I am a digital marketing intern for Quill.com. Quill is not necessarily a household name, however they are a subsidiary of Staples.  Not only that, but they are the most profitable division of Staples.  Coming into this summer, I did not know much about Quill or the office supply industry, but I quickly realized how Quill has managed to stay so profitable in a world that is using paper less and less every year.

From the first day I was introduced to Quill at the career fair I knew that this was a different kind of environment to work in.  From the openness and kindness the employees recruiting there showed me to the fact that the president of the company was there to recruit proved to me that this was a place that truly cared about its employees.  This fact has been reaffirmed each and every day that I go into the office.  I am not just another intern there, I am a member of the Quill family. Every member of Quill has their door open to help me grow and learn.  From the my team to the leadership I can walk up to anybody and ask a question or ask for help. Quill’s caring does not stop at its employees, that caring extends to all of its customers as well.  The “A small part of your job is 100% of ours” banners plastered on every wall in the office is a constant reminder to be thinking about how what you are doing is effecting and helping the customer. Quill is not just worried about selling office supplies, it is concerned with every aspect of the customers experience, that is what sets it apart from its competitors. Quill is a company that cares, and that fosters loyal customers and loyal employees that keep Quill strong while so many other office supply companies struggle.

It’s not just Quill’s culture that keeps Quill so profitable, it is its innovation and nimbleness.  Quill was one of the early companies to break into the world of ecommerce by launching a website in 1996, before the internet was even close to as prevalent as it is today. This has allowed Quill to cut the costs of the brick and mortar stores and has led to over 70% of Quill’s orders being done online.  This innovation continues today, with Quill launching its Shared Cart, which allows as many people as necessary to add to a cart that the office manager can review and approve, again making the Quill’s customer’s job even easier.

My experience so far at Quill has been great.  It is amazing to be working at a place that cares so much about its employees and customers.  Having access to everybody at the company in order to help grow as a person and as an employee is refreshing and I am learning things not just about digital marketing, but about every facet of the business at a rapid rate.  Every day is a new experience and I am looking forward to what is to come in the next weeks of working at Quill.

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  • July 16, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Wow, I’d never heard of Quill until I read your blog post! Good luck with your internship. It seems like you’ve already learned so much!


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