Work Culture | #2

To me work culture is defined by the way the people and the environment of a certain workplace interact with one another and how that interaction is regulated and perceived by the people of that workplace. The workplace culture at Valiant is one that I enjoy a lot. Most of our work is done remotely, but when we are together as a Valiant team, the culture is very open and relaxed. Anyone on  the team can speak their mind and bounce ideas off of one another regardless of rank or involvement in the company. I believe that our strength is our diversity and our ability to brainstorm. The company is comprised of a group of about 6 main individuals that represent several different backgrounds, upbringings, ages, ideologies, and races. Because of this, we have to be open minded and able to see each others’ ideas from viewpoints that are different from those that are our own. Also, we have a great group for coming up with innovative ways to solve our company’s problems. I am very happy working at Valiant, because I value an open, laid back culture. I really think that it enhances all of our employees’ ability to think with open, innovative minds.

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