A Snapshot Into My Life | #2

My manager told my team and I that they were having a problem in one of the stores in our territory. She said that someone needed to travel to a store in our Chicagoland area to put up a display of Bush’s Baked Beans and Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce for the 4 of July weekend. My manager told us that if someone did not do it, we would lose a lot of money in sales. My manager was very concerned and I knew that this would negatively impact the company if it was not done promptly, so I decided to volunteer for the task.

This is a picture of a split end-cap display of Bush’s Baked Beans and the Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce. In order to put up this display, I first had to make sure that I had the inventory to make the display. This required me to talk to the Department Manager of the store I was in and see how many units the store had on hand of the product. Once I determined that they had enough inventory, I asked the Department Manager what end-cap they wanted me to put the product on. I then made the display and the picture is my final product.


Completing a task such as this is very standard in my internship. As I described earlier, making a display is much more than just going to the store and putting up the product. It requires communicating with the Department Manager and sometimes even the Store Manager. I have to ask them questions such as how much product they have in the back, where the display should be placed, etc.. However, sometimes complications arise. For example, they may not have the room for a display at that time. If that happens, then I have to make an alternative plan of action to make sure that I accomplish what I need to accomplish. In other words, I must have good communication skills and be flexible as well. These are just a few of the qualities that I exhibit daily during my internship. In addition, completing assignments such as this defines what I do every day.


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