An Analogy from work| #3

I learned some feedback from my supervisor this week, and he gave me an interesting piece of advice for communication/study/work in the workplace – which is “Learn, Forget, and Engage”.

Take playing basketball for an example: when the basketball player first tried to learn how to shoot a ball, they have to first bend the arm, lower the palm, and push the ball to the direction with a parabola curve, so that the ball can easily get into the hoop. When the players are in the game, do they first make sure to bend the arm, lower the palm and aim for the goal, step by step? The answer is “NO”. When players are shooting in the game, they just focus on the goal and shoot the ball.

Take my supervisor’s exam preparation experience for an example. He always started the studying 5 months before the exam and put in 3 hours every day to study, until the last month. When it comes to the last month, he started putting all the time into doing the practice exam, and review wrong problems. He studies as much as possible until the last day of the exam, and then he stopped. He tried to “forget” what he learned, by watching a movie or having a workout. He will make sure he is fully relaxed on the last day before the exam and have a good sleep. On the exam day, he will fully engage and solve all the problems. In this way, he has never failed an Actuarial Exam, and he achieves his FSA at the age of 23rd.

Take making a presentation/interview for an instance, the best way to prepare is to practice really hard in the early time. You shall try to do everything useful you can and don’t procrastinate to prepare for your stories to share or the materials to present. Don’t ever bother to prepare anything on the interview/presentation day, and try to make sure you are confident and prepare enough. Just relax and have a good time. On the game day, you shall try to engage your audience, instead of talking about the things you crammed in the last minute.

This is the analogy that I learned –  Learn, forget and focus.

By the way, I went to the Architectural Cruise on Chicago River, which is pretty nice. Here are some pictures attached.


Originally from Shanghai, China, who spent couple years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Macau, and the USA, I will be an Actuarial Consulting intern at Milliman's Chicago Health Practice for Summer 2017.

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