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Life has been a bit topsy turvy. At the time many students make a mass exodus from Ann Arbor to enjoy the summer back home or on internships or summer experiences in far-flung corners of the earth, I arrived, travel weary and slightly homesick, from my year spent studying abroad in London. I felt a need to connect with the campus I’d been apart from for so long. Which is why interning at WCBN, the student-run radio station at U-M, is for me the perfect summer experience.

Getting those Instagram-perfect posts ready to roll.

I’d volunteered at WCBN as a social media manager last summer, and they welcomed me back with open arms. To re-orient myself, I searched through my copious folder system within Google Drive and found several projects that still needed finishing, or beginning. But my endeavors came with a twist: the folks at the station had also brought in a handful of high school interns, with job functions that more or less overlapped with what I wanted to do. Things became tricky, because while I was being asked and encouraged to do work and given a great deal of flexibility on the matter, I wasn’t initially kept in the loop about what they wanted the junior interns to accomplish. this made my first couple of weeks a little confusing, but I used the opportunity to flex my communication muscles. Eventually through enough emails, detailed spreadsheets, and scheduled meetings, I was able not only to carve out my own tasks, but assist the new interns in theirs and collaborate on some shared ideas.

It’s a good feeling to see things coming together, and to go from having a dearth of work to an overflowing task list. However, I’ll have to keep on my toes to keep on top of working on multiple projects with multiple people with varying levels of experience. My organization skills will have to be even sharper than my communication skills. But we’ve already got the ball rolling on several things, including a bi-weekly newsletter and outreach efforts across the Diag. With our summer intern team shaping out into a productive unit, I think I’ll be able to take things even further than before.

Maybe this year I’ll learn to DJ.




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