Blog #3!

In my past blogs, I haven’t really talked much about Singapore, so I think its a good time to do that now! First, its been quite a while since I’ve moved into the YMCA hostel, and I think it has been quite relaxing. I might be getting a little edgy about living in a hotel for this long, but it still has all the amenities that I could ask for and a very friendly staff.

Food here can be overwhelming, but in a good way. Every block or so there are these food courts called Hawker centers, where they have all the different regional foods: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Indian, and traditional Singaporean foods. There are always new foods to try, but you don’t know exactly what you want :D. I think I am feeling a little homesick, so I had McDonald’s yesterday. I try to have a different cuisine everyday but sometimes I eat Indian food more than I should because I’m missing my mom’s cooking.

Sometimes, the transportation system can get really busy and breakdown. In these cases, the whole city is on standby; people are stuck, traffic jams are everywhere, and you can’t even flag down a taxi. But, usually everyone at the office is pretty understanding, seeing that they go through this pretty often.

Another aspect of Singapore that can’t be overlooked is the infrastructure and green space planning. The MRT stop that I go to is 5 floors and connects three different lines that span the entire city, but on top there are trees and greenery. It’s amazing to see this clean, high-tech city and I hope that other places can adopt this kind of environment. I hope that I can come back and visit this city with the same awe that I have experienced in the past few days.

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