Blog #4: Bittersweet

It’s bittersweet that this is the midpoint of the internship! Even though I still have another half to finish, I have gained so much experience in the tech field. My first goal was to build connections within the company. After setting up multiple coffee chats with different leaders of each team, I have made myself very apparent in the office. I have the rep as the “speedy one” since I tend to complete my work at a faster pace. With having a faster work pace, I have been able to use the extra time to work on different projects with other teams. In particular, I have been working with the UX/UI team to help re-vamp their mobile user experience layout. I love this project since this is the exact job I am majoring in. Within my actual internship title, I am focusing with numbers – but with other side projects, I am strengthening my qualitative skills too! I see myself getting very friendly with the UX/UI team, but I also want to start working within some other teams too. In particular, the social media team and the acquiring marketing team!

My other goal was completed within the first week of this internship! This goal focused on noticing the difference within work cultures. Fabletics (like I thought) seemed like the perfect culture for me. Everyone in the office has a laid-back vibe, even though they are creating great work! I could not love the work environment more than I do already. The office has an open landscape so all employees can communicate easily/friendly.

I am happy where I stand with my goals – and cannot wait to reach out to work with other teams as well!

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