Blog 4 | Mid-Point Check-In

My goals entering the internship were to challenge myself and to do my best to leave a positive and lasting impression of myself at the office. So far, I think I’m on track. For most of my work day, I find myself super busy, either working on some more typical “intern” work or being given a more important project with a true deadline. However, one thing I noticed is that I have started to wait for my bosses to come to me with work instead of initiating things myself and always trying to help and provide value. Besides being complacent at times, I believe that I’m impressing the office and have been, generally, a positive presence in the work place.

On a specific note, one thing I want to work on is becoming more knowledgeable about the technology space. So much of my day is spent doing diligence on technology startups, but I find that once I really start diving into the product, I eventually reach a point where a lot of the materials are going over my head. Because of that, for the rest of my internship, during my down time or when things are slow, I plan on reading up on the tech space in order to better familiarize with the industry. Overall, I can continue to report I am really enjoying my summer and am doing everything I can to take advantage of this opportunity.

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