Blog #5: Helping Hand

Challenges are inevitable – and lucky enough, my minor one happened the second week in! I am not too familiar with marketing lingo, so I would always be confused at meetings as to what was being said. I heard so many abbreviations like “NPS” and “A & U.” Since it was my second week, I was still a little nervous to ask questions so I kept most of them to myself. One day, my boss was out of the office but left me a note of what to complete. She normally explains my tasks before giving them to me- so in the note, she did the same. However, she used many abbreviations that looked like gibberish to me. At first, I panicked and started to Google all the abbreviations in her note. The results were only applicable to certain contexts – and once I realized, I panicked even more.

There were not that many people in the office that day, since most teams were at off-sights. On my sticky note, there was one task that needed to be emailed within 2 hours. It was some Excel work, but I had no idea which data to pull in the table. The abbreviations were the keys to success. After 15 minutes of trying to Google search but failing, I knew I had to ask for help. I am someone who doesn’t like asking for help since I have a lot of determination to solve it on my own. But this time, I needed some help. The only person who was clearly available was the Chief Officer of Marketing. Terrified out of my mind, I re-introduced myself and asked her if she could guide me through the note. She promptly put her laptop down. She went through the note, step by step. She also further explained all the abbreviations. She went on for about 30 minutes. This experience was so helpful and also rewarding because I finally felt like I was on the same page as everyone else. I learned from this that a helping hand can be the answer.

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  • July 17, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    I relate to this post so much! In my first two weeks of my internship I was trying to get use to certain abbreviations for businesses since I had to follow up on referrals. I’m glad that you asked for help with the abbreviations, I know sometimes I like to do everything on my own as well, but after receiving help I always feel better. I hope that you continue to enjoy your internship and ask for help!


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