Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

I have made a few errors on the job. Previously a big focus on my marketing plan was to utilize clients who are more well known such as Chelsea Defender David Luiz , to create interest in the page and then hone in on that interest by subtly promoting the 2 athletes we are currently working in season with. I had made a few posts with such athletes but I received 2 emails from my supervisor and another employee of the company about having to cease that. I was not suppose to be making posts about the other athletes, instead solely focusing on the young athletes with less exposure. This was a definite setback to my marketing plan because now I have to change the material I had previously worked on up until now. I have had to cease posting on the LinkedIn page and essentially focus more the promotion of the 2 athletes on Facebook in order to maximize their exposure. It is very difficult to have made this decision especially since the creation of a LinkedIn page was my idea but unfortunately it is not the best social media instrument to promote their careers due to the new obstacle I encountered over the weekend. I am not going to let this obstacle get in the way of my last few weeks at the internship and I am determined to finish the internship strong.

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