Blog 5 | Overcoming

Being a little more than halfway into this internship, I have run into a few obstacles and have had to overcome them in different ways. In my second week, I was assigned a project by one of my bosses and I spent the next few days working on it. At our company, we use a website called Trello to track progress and completed tasks. I had a slight miscommunication with my boss and when I thought I was finished with the project, I moved my project card on the website from the open tab to the “completed” section. I learned very quickly I’m not allowed to make that call when I’ve completed a project and I always have to wait for his approval. This was some tough loving but an important learning lesson.

Another obstacle I faced was just last week. I was assigned to focus on the project section of an investment memo, my job specifically is to determine how the product has changed over the last few years and how it’s providing unique value to the company’s customers. This was challenging for me because I was a little unfamiliar with the product and the space and a lot of the technical components of the product were things I had never really heard of before and didn’t fully understand. I got around this obstacle by using all my resources – I did research online, I asked some questions at work, and most importantly, I reached out to someone who worked at the company with a list of questions which provided a lot more clarity. In both circumstances, I learned more about myself and how to handle difficulties when they come up unexpectedly.

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