Blog 6: Looking Towards My Next Play

Internships are an opportunity for exploration. Too further discover your passions and future jobs. I went into this internship because I thought I wanted to work in some capacity with a sports team in the future. However, leaving this internship I see that this is not the path I wish to pursue. While I still hold an interest in working with a sports team on a larger level, either a league or agency, I have found sales, especially for an individual team, not to be in my future cards.

It was while I was sitting in the office after being hung up on that I realized this is not the future profession for me. As I looked around at my cubicle and at my supervisors I was uninspired. There was not enough variation or creativity in my day. I found myself dreading the next office day rather than being excited for it, or even indifferent by it. I loved the people I worked with but not the work. This realization made me more confident in the academic path I choose at the end of last year. For my freshman and the better part of sophomore year I was a Sport Management major but then at the end of my sophomore year I was accepted into the Organizational Studies major. When deciding to abandon my original academic path it was hard and I decided I would try and do both. Now after this internship my path is very clear, I do not have to over stretch myself and do both but just focus in on my Organizational Studies academics and be confident in that.

When I go back to school this fall and sign up for future classes I am no longer going to be focused on the sports. I am not going to narrow my studies by thinking sports is my only play.

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