Blog Post #1: Work-Life Balance

I’m at the midpoint of my internship, and I have gained so much more than just knowledge in the field of media planning.  Coming in, I was really anxious to see what I would learn about the field and if I would like the type of work that I would be doing.  But through my experience thus far, I have learned more than just field-related skills; I have learned about myself as an employee and as a person in general.  With this being my first full-time job, it took me a little while to adjust to the 9-5 schedule, and the daily morning and evening commute.  Unlike college, there were no breaks periodically throughout the day that allowed me run back to my apartment and relax for a bit; I didn’t have the freedom to make my own schedule.  Essentially, I had to adjust to all that goes along with a full time job that isn’t industry or field specific.  It has given me a peek into what life will be like when college is over and I’m immersed into what people constantly refer to as the “real world.” 

As a result of this adjustment I have matured and grown in the way that I manage my time and where I put my energy, especially during my free time outside of my internship.  While I thought that I had built this skill throughout my experience as an undergrad student, I learned thus far in my internship that this is still something that I need to work towards achieving.  I am looking to maximize my time outside of my internship so that I can still complete other personal goals that I have set for myself this summer, like regularly exercising/healthy eating, and studying for the LSAT.  There have been plenty of day, especially towards the beginning of my internship that I came home and felt too tired to continue to be productive.  But now as I progress in my internship, I have learned how to maximize my time in the morning before my internship begins, and work towards my goals in a way that is manageable.  While I have learned a lot about what a media planner does and have gained insight into the media industry from an agency perspective, I have learned just as much about myself and how I am adjusting to my work-life balance.

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