Blog Post 4: Japan



As my time in Naka draws down to a close, I have been getting a little sad to leave. Although really far away from a vacation, this Summer job has certainly been very memorable. I have learned a lot about the brewing process, factory operations, and also about Japanese culture. I had only a surface level knowledge of these things before coming here, so gaining that insight is something I won’t soon forget.

I have met some really great people out here too. My coworker Raji has really helped me along at the factory. He has a true passion and knowledge for making craft beer, which he hopes to bring to India in a few years. He has taught me so much, and made the 9-10 days go by better. Also, many of my other coworkers are pretty cool people too. The biggest problem there is my highly limited knowledge of Japanese. Work would be a much better experience if I could have conversations with more than just 3-4 other people. Despite the barrier, it’s almost impressive the mixed English/Japanese commands and simple explanations my coworkers and I have worked out. My biggest regret from the internship so far is not working with the brewing team. Unfortunately, the time with them actually starting the beers out will be much more limited than I wish, so I feel it’s almost a missed opportunity.

Other than that, Japan is a great place to visit. I have seen so much of the main island by now, and would recommend a vacation here to anyone. I was able to take a couple days off and head into the mountains which gave me a great view of Mt Fuji (I’ll send up a pic with this post). I will really miss Tokyo and all the dynamic fun to be had there as well. Although I’m not as enthralled about Japanese culture as some others I’ve met, I do think working here has had a big impact on me. That said, I don’t think I would like to come back for future work. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came back on vacation though.

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