Career Aspirations/ ALA 225 Blog Post #6/ LSA Intern Scholars Blog Post #5

My dream job has been to be an event planner for a luxury retail company. Because I have always had this specific dream, I cater my extracurricular activities to take me to this eventual career. I work as an Involvement Coordinator for the Center for Campus Involvement where I plan events such as Umix, Haunted Belltower, and Finals Survival Breakfast. I also am on the executive board for the Michigan Association of Communication Studies where I learn from alumni and attend professional development workshops. Lastly, I am the assistant to the owner of Fancy Pants, a small upscale children’s boutique, where I create flyers for upcoming trunk shows, travel with the owner to her art shows and pop up shops, and pick out the merchandise through NYC apparel shows and examining line sheets.

Because I have taken such a specific route, I thought this summer would be a good opportunity to see whether an overlapping field, marketing, would interest me like event planning and retail does. While I enjoyed my time at HTC and learned a great deal about marketing, this internship has affirmed my previous career aspirations, because throughout the summer, I have missed working at Fancy Pants, MACS, and the Center for Campus Involvement.

Moving forward, I plan to continue with the activities at school I currently participate it. Additionally, I plan to search for a summer internship that ties in to my career goals a bit more specifically as I am now sure that event planning in retail is the path I would like to follow.

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