Creating Lifelong Connections | Blog Post #3

Since starting research at the lab I’ve worked closely with my mentor, Dr. Jianfeng Wu. We’ve designed an array of experiments together to test our hypothesis, carried them out and drew conclusions. We also frequently exchange emails consisting of other research papers and new ideas for the work in the lab, and on occasion our co-workers and the two of us will go out for lunch to a restaurant off of South University Street. I feel as if Jianfeng and I work very well together, and carry out our questions and concerns for both each other and research in an uplifting manner.

Additionally, I feel very comfortable, welcomed and important in the lab- like I have a purpose. My mentor and my coworkers are all very understanding, and aid me in both my education and persona. For example, they’ll take time to teach me the science behind the experiments so that I am able to comprehend the applications of them, or we’ll talk about the events occurring in our lives when we go out to lunch and offer advice to one another. I’m proud to be alongside my coworkers, not just because they’re kind hearted, but because they’re also motivated and intelligent. I feel that their traits also make an impact on the person that I am. These relationships are only beginning to foster but I can see how these connections are going to become lifelong.

I believe that I have found a fantastic lab to perform research in, and I’m very grateful of my mentor, coworkers and the opportunity. I’m excited to further the connections I’ve begun to make and to see where this internship will take me next!

View from the Xi Laboratory


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