Diversity | #3

I have learned a lot about the work world from my internship, but that is not all that I have learned. Now that I am in a more real-world work situation, I have been able to see the effects and interactions that come with having a diverse workforce that must collaborate daily on projects where real money is at stake. At Valiant, our main team consists of about 7 people that deal with the running of the company on a daily basis. Of those people there are some in their early twenties and some in their late sixties, there are black people and white people, there are people that have been in the industry for decades and people that are brand new. Certainly this causes some difficulties in communication, but I think it allows for even more of an opportunity for multiple vantage points to attack the same issue. Personally I am seeing that I often have trouble seeing someone else’s contradictory idea as a more viable option to my own. While this is the case, being part of this team has forced me to accept that my ideas may not always be the best ides available. This is something that I believe many, if not most people struggle with, however being on this team has helped me learn how to better accept an alternative option to mine.

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