El Fin

I’ve been back in the states for a bit now–and as I anticipated, I’m missing Cusco and the whole film crew. My time in Peru could not have been better, and I truly realized how much I like and value documentary film. It’s definitely a pathway I’ll be pursuing now, and I hope to take Documentary II at Michigan sometime this year.

Creating the trailer at home for our film has also been a fun time, though! I wasn’t expecting it to be as tedious as editing the actual film—but it sure has been. The goal has been to make it as succinct as possible—especially since the real film in only about 9 minutes. I’ve wanted to gather the main points and deliver them in the most enticing way possible. The point I’ve really tried to drive home is Eduardo’s push for alternative education in the Tankarparta community.

I would love to pursue another documentary film internship in the future! But, I would definitely love to explore stories in foreign countries! The experience of learning about another culture, practicing a language, creating a film, and building a family out a film crew has been so incredibly ideal. More than I could have hoped for.


Gretchen A

Hey! My name’s Gretchen, and I’m studying Screen Arts & Cultures and Psychology at UMich! Thanks to the LSA Internship committee, I’m able to intern for "Agents of Ishq" in Mumbai, India. Here, I have the opportunity to create multimedia (videos, podcasts, and article), surrounding topics like love, gender, relationships, and sexuality. The goal is to make these conversations less taboo, and more comfortable!

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