Expectations #1

Growing up, I knew the one field of work I would never run out of patience, passion, or steam is working with children. Therefore, when coming to UofM I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but knew I had to find a job that somehow incorporated advocating for children or working hands-on with kids. Being an English major, becoming an English teacher seemed like the viable option. For some reason, though, teaching English isn’t the most exciting or enticing thing for me. Instead, over the past year I have been awakened to the juvenile justice system in the U.S. and felt a true calling to work in this field.

That being said, right now is an extremely exciting time to work in Juvenile Justice; in 2012 the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life in prison without parole. With that decision came around three hundred and fifty men and women in the state of Michigan who are now eligible for an appeal on their previous life-sentence.

Long story short, I have gotten the opportunity with SADO (State Appellate Defender’s Office) to work directly with attorney’s on these juvenile appeal cases. I am excited to be in an office environment of attorney’s who are fighting the same fight and (hopefully) passionate about the issue. Also, though, I am expecting it to be somewhat challenging explaining to friends and family what I am doing, as this issue is still political and highly debated.

All of this is an entirely new field to me. I have never been interested in Law, but as of now I see a career in Law very possible. I am hoping to get a good sense of all of the backstage work that goes into creating a compelling case for a client, and learning how attorney’s defend people and ideas they believe in.

One of the courthouse’s where I will be attending resentencing hearings for clients.

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