First Few Weeks Blog #1

I had been in my Chemistry lab at the University of Michigan for a few months before I got my internship. During the school year I would come to lab once in a while but I really wasn’t that involved with it because of all my schoolwork. It was great to get the internship because it gave me the opportunity to be in lab full time during the summer and really learn how to master the nanoparticle synthesis in my lab. I did the synthesis about a seven or eight times before I really got it down. It was when my internship started that I had the chance to really focus in lab and get advice from my peers that I was finally able to make the right size nanoparticles. It can be a complicated process and a lot of my fellow researchers warned me that it would take a while, as they all went through the same process when they first came to the lab. The Kopelman Lab, where I work, does cancer therapy research involving photosensitive nanoparticles that can be sent to different parts of the body and excited to destroy those cells.

Over the past few weeks I have really enjoyed being in lab around other more experienced researchers and being able to ask them questions and learn from them. It has also been really helpful being around people that have been through what I am going through and are very knowledgable about the medical school process. I have gotten a lot of advice about applying and its comforting to be able to ask them questions every day. I have built a great relationship with every member in my lab. During the early months I was in the lab before my internship I really didn’t get a chance to meet or talk to all of the different people in my lab. It has been fun building a relationship with them that goes even beyond work and I really appreciate all of the help and guidance that they given me. I have learned a lot just from talking and being around them. It has made this internship experience that much better so far to enjoy work every day and I really look forward to the rest of it!

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