Lots of Leadership | #3

Already throughout my internship, I’ve learned and observed a multitude of different leadership styles. One of the styles I’ve seen a lot of is a laissez-faire leadership which is when the leader does not participate in direct supervision of their employees and does not provide regular feedback to those under their supervision. For me, this isn’t necessarily bad as I’m already pretty adept at navigating what needs to be done as well as the skills needed to complete tasks. However, I can see how this leadership style could be problematic for someone who hasn’t interned before and needs more guidance. Most of the work I’m doing such as Excel spreadsheets don’t need direct supervision so this works out.

One of the other leadership types I’ve seen has been the participative leadership style which values the input of team members and peers, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the participative leader. This is one of the main styles that occurs with more abstract projects where there’s much more brainstorming involved. I’ve been given certain projects with goals in mind but my supervisor allows me to figure out how to handle it before they grant approval.

Another leadership style I’ve witnessed has been the transformational leader which depends on high levels of communication and visibility from management to meet goals. The leaders then focus on the big picture within an organization and delegate smaller tasks to the team to accomplish goals. Again, this style of leadership happens frequently as many of the employees have a major task/goal in mind and then delegate more small tasks to me in order to get everything done.

So far, I’ve definitely learned that it’s valuable to anticipate what types of tasks require which type of leadership and that tasks can be more successful when you know what leadership style your employees respond best to as well as what works for the task.

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