Michigan Wolverine in SF! | Blog #1

As a native New Jersey resident who lives across the Hudson River from Brooklyn, I was excited to be figuring out that I’d be working San Francisco for the summer. I am currently interning for an education tech start-up called EDpuzzle, as a Business Strategy Analyst Intern.

The reasons why I chose this position at a start-up are three-fold: Company culture, location and life-lessons. The company culture played a huge role in my original decision because I knew that working at a start-up was going to be immensely different from working at a typical, large corporation. I had to learn the company’s business model, understand what the company does, and know the in’s and out’s of the company like a full-time employee would. While I’d also learn about what the company does, more importantly, I’d feel valuable, which leads me to the next point – location. The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with start-ups. Walking around San Francisco or traveling to the Silicon Valley area, I’ve seen the well known tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter to small start-ups that recently moved from a small 15×15 single office room to a spacious 500 square foot office. Moreover, I’ve noticed that the Bay Area seems to have individuals who have a passion for something – whether it be tech, working out, eating lifestyle, partying, or LGBTQ rights. The Bay Area is truly different from what I’ve experienced in New York City, Ann Arbor, or even the other major cities in the United States, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to learn and be open-minded while being here. Lastly, the life-lessons I’ve learned while working in San Francisco have been priceless. Because the Bay Area is so expensive compared to other locations in the United States, I’ve learned the importance of budgeting and thoughtfully setting up a daily financial plan when it comes to spending.

At the end of the internship, I expect to take these experiences and apply them to my daily life whether it be in Ann Arbor or my next job opportunity.

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