My Mentor #3

I got very lucky to receive an amazing mentor to help me throughout my journey of working at Title Source as an intern. First, I should explain that we are assigned mentors at my company. I believe at other companies you maybe have to pick or find your mentor, but I could be wrong. Anyway, my mentors name is Ben, and he is a Continuous Improvement Analyst (CIA).

What makes him so great? Most of all, he is a great mentor because he is genuinely happy to help me with anything I need or don’t understand. Anytime I have a question he is there with an answer, and if he doesn’t know it off the top of his head, he’ll find someone who does. In addition, he is excited about the work he does. Being a CIA involves a lot of problem solving, asking why, and talking to different people throughout the business to find answers. During all of these steps, Ben is eager to find the solution to whatever problem he is trying to solve. I also see his passion for his work when he is explaining or teaching me things about the business we work in, (which is title insurance but our team works specifically with appraisals). Having a mentor who loves their job makes all the difference; it is much more fun to learn, and you have a great resource to help you navigate your internship.

I have developed relationships with other team members as well. My team leader, Christine, who also went to U of M (GO BLUE!), has been nothing but helpful thus far. I know I can come to her if I ever need help with anything, and she has made sure that I always have a project to work on, which I appreciate greatly. I also have two other team members on my team (the dream team), Colby and Christian. They are also amazing and always there to answer questions and teach me about the world of Title Source and appraisals.

I think a big reason why I’ve been so fortunate to have a great mentor, team leader and team members is that our company highly values helping our team members out every chance we can get and forming great relationships with them. For example, the first day I met my team, they had a Photo Booth for us to take a picture together and provided us ice cream to enjoy together. I also get to go to a tigers game with my mentor and team leader, and they even provide every team money to spend on having team lunches.

To sum up this blog post, I have been surrounded by great people throughout my internship that have made my experience so great. Another reason why I highly recommend getting an internship with Quicken Loans and their family of companies!

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