New to LA! #1

Today marks three weeks that I’ve been in LA. It’s been a wild, wonderful experience so far! I came out here at the end of June to work at a transmedia production company that works primarily with Virtual Reality media. As a Screen Arts and Cultures student I’ve dreamed about coming to LA for years, but I never thought I would come out here to work for a company that produces video games, in addition to other forms of media. I’ve loved TV and Film my entire life, but I never really took to video games. I have been happily surprised by how much I’ve loved being around (VR) video games and game designers all day. The process of crafting and perfecting a video game is unique to a film. So much thought and collaboration has to be invested into creating the puzzle of the game, and then turning a general idea into its own world that will captivate and entertain players. It’s a collaborative, lengthy process, and it’s really great to observe.

The company also works in TV and Film, so I’ve been able to read a lot of scripts that are submitted. I’ve taken a screenwriting class before, but reading scripts at my internship is different from reading them in class. Instead of looking for evidence of class topics, I’m able to think about scripts from a production perspective and enjoy them a bit more than I did in my class.

Possibly the best part of my job is being able to play virtual reality video games in our down time. We get to play the company’s game a lot (which is great!) but we also have to opportunity to explore games from other companies. I feel really fortunate to be exposed to this medium, since it is so up-and-coming.

In addition to my internship, I’ve been able to do quite a bit of exploring around LA. There is so much to do in this city, and a surprising amount is manageable on a budget! Over the fourth of July my friend and I were able to visit Griffith Observatory and hike the Hollywood sign (picture from the top attached).

Life in LA has been excellent so far, and I’m looking forward to the weeks and opportunities ahead!

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