Not a Tourist Anymore

Hello to everyone who reads my blog!

It has been an eventful few weeks since my lost blog. My apologies for not being able to keep up the same vitality and energy as the last punny title, but I will try to be just as entertaining.


I honestly feel like I have a brand new identity. In my last blog post, I was still discovering the city and learning the metro lines, but in these past few weeks, I cannot begin to describe how much more knowledgeable of the area I am. I would like to say I had a catalyst for this rapid enlightenment: my parents. They were coming to D.C. for about a week and wanted to explore the area with me, especially inquiring about what it is like to live in the nation’s capital like a local. At the time, I too was really interested in learning what that was like too, but I had to act like to my parents that I knew what was going on. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lifestyle I am living down here and exploring my neighborhood really well, but I had to really use yelp and my friends who are native/have been working in DC for a long time for recommendations for where to go and what to do. Luckily enough, my parents and I discovered nearly all the major touristy neighborhoods in D.C. together, but that also gave me the knowledge of other places to share with the friends I have made here and the other interns I have met.  I will say this though: being in D.C. for the Fourth of July was an amazing experience and surreal, but Metro-Detroit, Michigan has way better fireworks.


My parents have been to D.C. many more times than I have, so I did not want to drag them through tours of places that I have not yet done. That is why I am so glad that I have my PSIP cohort with me to go do even nerdier and more touristy things aka these friends are so much more excited to go learn about American history rather than watch reality tv shows for 6 hours together.

I am grateful that the people that I am surrounding myself with while interning are people who are just as motivated as I am, but also yearn to learn more about history, politics, culture, and so much more. Even though it may be the “normal” thing at the University of Michigan to intern or find work experience during at least one summer, people forget the amazing opportunities that we have to gain professional experience before even finishing school, ourselves included. When my friends and I remembered the opportunities that we have and that amazing work that we are accomplishing, we decide to treat ourselves with some amazing D.C. food and adventures throughout the city even though we really fancy the idea of sleeping and netflixing all weekend.


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