Overcoming Internship Obstacles / #5

There were some obstacles I had to face in my internship with News America Marketing, but those obstacles were good learning experiences for me. For example, one obstacle I came across was having to work with IRi which is a program that provides data to News America Marketing. The Program Insights Team, the team I am on, analyzes this data. I had never even heard of IRi before this internship and never needed to have strong computer skills for success in the past. This internship, however, got me to learn how to navigate through new programs and feel more confident going forward when given an assignment that I have never done before. In order to navigate through this challenge, I had to ask a lot of questions and play around with IRi on my own to get comfortable with it. The obstacle did not ultimately lead to failure because I made sure to ask for help when needed. Further, I was proactive in trying to solve the problem on my own first before going to my boss and I told him the strategies I used to navigate through IRi on my own. In my past experiences, I regretted not asking questions so I made sure I did not keep quiet when I needed help and I looked at the problem myself before going to my boss. Internships are a great way to learn how to cope with difficulties and fix issues.

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