Overcoming Obstacles | #5

Obstacles are an important part of any learning experience. An internship is a learning experience that gives you an opportunity to learn what your future career can be like. It’s important to have obstacles in internships, and to be able to overcome them in order gain experience and learn something new.

So far during this internship, I’ve had a few obstacles that I had to face. One of those obstacles was on the technical side. This obstacle required me to use one of the software tools that my team uses to manage the company’s data. I had to get a job running using this software tool that I’ve never been exposed to before this internship. I didn’t think much of this task before I started, but it was the cause of so much headache.

I started online looking at tutorials on how to configure the job and run it. That only got me so far, but then I tried running it and I was faced with an error. Then I asked around my team for help in finding the problem. But I didn’t get too much help because everyone around me is very busy with their own work. So I just waited and put aside the problem and worked on some other things. Finally one of my colleagues was able to diagnose the problem with me and we were able to figure out it was an administrative issue, and I didn’t have all the permissions I needed to run the job correctly.

In the end I learned that you need to get help from those around you, and even if they’re busy let them know your problem. Also, I learned sometimes you have to be patient and the answer will come to you.

One thought on “Overcoming Obstacles | #5

  • July 17, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Hi Ali! Sometimes it can very difficult and intimidating to ask others for help but it is necessary in most cases. I am learning that myself! Good luck with the rest of your internship.


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