So Far, So Great

So far, so great! The passed weeks have been great at the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance. First off I love my co-intern (Julia), we have very similar views and I enjoy working with her so much. I also love my new co-workers they are funny, down to earth, helpful, and passionate about the Osborn community. The atmosphere at work is so relaxed and everyone works very hard and diligently.  The mission of the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance is to work with the Osborn community to help keep the residents in the neighborhood safe, well-educated,  and to create a beautiful and thriving neighborhood.

The project that I am working of for this summer has two parts. The first part I am doing research on public health issues such as urban blight and illegal dumping and I am connecting those issues to the community and how they affect the residents and the children specifically in dealing with toxic stress. Also in dealing with going to schools in the neighborhood and feeder patterns. The second part of my project focuses on business and economic development. I will be helping to write grant reports while also following up on referrals and other tasks.

Overall Detroit has been amazing and I have learned so much already. Being a native Detroiter I like to think I know everything there is to know about Detroit. But being in midtown for the summer and exploring the city with all of my friends in the program has been such and eye opening and humbling experience. I look forward to the rest of my time in the city and I can’t wait to learn more, laugh more, and live more!

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